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Lecture and Workshop Schedule

Note: You can often attend guild meetings and take a guild workshop if you aren't a member. If you're interested in any of these lectures or classes, let me know, and I'll put you in touch with the guild.

May 10-11, Mission Viejo, CA, “Color: A Step-by-Step Tutorial” lecture, “Urban Sunsets” workshop, Beach Cities Quilt Guild
June 3, Bainbridge Island, WA, “Modern Color” workshop, Bainbridge Island Modern Quilt Guild
June 7-9, Block Party Quilters, Bellevue, WA, “Magic Fabrics/Special Effects” lecture, “Color Camp” and “Transparency” workshops
July 16, Guild of Quilters of Contra Costa County, CA, “A Kaffe Extravaganza” lecture (with Heidi Emmett)
August 13-14, Chester, CA, Chester Piecemakers Quilt Guild, “Color: A Step-by-Step tutorial” lecture, “Happy Jacket” workshop
October 3-4, Camano Island, WA, Camano Island Quilters, “Color!” lecture, “Spumoni” workshop
November 12-13, Auburn CA, Foothill Quilters Guild, “Buying Fabric with Color in Mind” lecture, “Modern Color” workshop

April 8- 9, Aptos, CA, Pajaro Valley Quilt Association, “A Kaffe Extravaganza” lecture (with Heidi Emmett), “Spumoni” workshop
June 10, Northwest Quilters, Inc., Portland, OR, lecture TBD