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You can still see my "Special Effects with Color" lessons on The Quilt Show. Click on the icon below. Near the top of the home page, click on "Learn" in the menu bar, then choose "Classrooms," followed by "Search Classrooms." Type "Special Effects with Color" in the search bar to bring up my series. Click on the first lesson and you'll bring up a page that tells you how to get access. If you're already registered, just choose "Please Login." If you aren't registered, choose "Free Access." You'll need to sign up with a screen name and a password. I did nine lessons, each under 10 minutes. In other words, short and sweet!

Creating Fabric Cards

I’ve made a YouTube video on creating fabric cards using the fabric stabilizer Terial Magic. Terry McFeely, friend and inventor of the product, hosted the tutorial. Here’s the link: https://youtube/PT_STUBStqo

If you make a card for a quilter or crafter, remind her (or him) that the fabric can be lifted off the card, rinsed to remove the stiffener, and used in a scrap quilt or craft project. Who among us doesn’t love scraps?!

Audition for Success

If you’ve been following me, you know I’m huge fan of “mock blocks,” cut-and-paste studies that allow you to audition your fabrics. Using the PDF below, a Farmer’s Wife block, try your hand at combining fabrics. Note that this sheet is 11 x 17 inches, so you’ll need to download the PDF to a memory stick and make copies at a copy shop.

Link to Farmer's Wife block PDF

To help you get started, here is my sample block and a student block from my “Modern Color” workshop. As you can see, “neatness doesn’t count.” Having fun does!

Tip: apply the glue to the paper block, not to the back of your fabric pieces


1. Glacé—Inspiration & Options
The story behind my new quilt, including an unusual starting point, and block setting options.

2. Color Correction—Old Blocks Become New
Blocks made of colorful ombrés and Kaffe Fassett prints get a makeover, turning so-so blocks into a quilt I had to finish.

3. Prints + Solids = Modern Quilts
Patterned and solid-color blocks are both scrappy and harmonious. Gray ombré borders give the eye a place to rest.

4. Candy-Colored Quilt
A new take on my “Best Friends” quilt, in softer colors and a repeat-block design.

5. “Best Friends” Setting Step-by-Step
Auditioning blocks in different settings, with low-volume, black-and-white fabrics.

6. “Urban Sunsets,” A New Quilt
From concept to straight-line quilting directions, plus my “Urban Poppies” variation.

7. It’s Tea-Towel Time!
Terial Magic makes adding colorful borders to plain towels a snap. Color accent strips make them special.

8. Fabric Art Cards
Create stunning fabric cards using Terial Magic spray fabric stiffener and Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

9. “Urban Sunsets” on Bainbridge Island
Road trip! A Modern Quilt Guild makes oh-so-modern blocks using my pattern.

10. Foliage Market Bag
Step-by-Step fabric collage with Kaffe Fassett, Marcia Derse, and other prints.

11. France: La Grande Adventure! (part 1)
A magical trip to rural France for a Sewing Workshop retreat.

12. France! (part 2)
Creative Inspiration—for quilts, wearables, color, and design—was everywhere! (Note the ombré kayaks—I want extra credit.)

13. Auditioning and Trimming Design Units
Using a “preview window” to isolate just the area you like.

14. “Swizzle Sticks” and “Color Modules”
My quilts in American Patchwork & Quilting and Modern Patchwork.

15. A Transparency Tutorial
The special effect that “fools the eye” and makes for stunning quilts.

16. Low-volume Fabrics
Modern background fabrics for a quilt in-the-making, plus my Aerial quilt top.

17. “Spumoni,” A Kaffe Fassett Extravaganza
My strategy for making each block a different color story, plus block construction.

18. “Pop Beads” Step-by-Step
A tutorial/pattern for making “floaty” transparent circles.

19. “My Gallery Adventure”
My quilts in a gallery setting + two new Japanese X Plus blocks.

20. Raw-edge Collage, “Turkish Delight” Tutorial
The basics of raw-edge collage applied to my “Crossover Collage” vest pattern.

21. When Color and Gray Get Together
Auditioning and editing gray sashing fabrics for my “Color Modules” quilt.

22. My YouTube video making fabric art cards with Terry McFeely and Kaffe Fassett prints.